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One spring afternoon in the second grade, as I got in the car at pick up, with much enthusiasm Mami said, “Sweetie, guess where we are going this summer??”

I met her enthusiasm at the edge of my seat and excitedly guessed, “Italy?… France?… Spain?… England?”

Mami chuckled and said, “No, Disneyland!!”

To her misfortune and my disappointment, “Again?” I asked.

“That ungrateful 7-year-old little b!#ch”— is what I tell my mother when she reminds me of how I crushed her Disneyland surprise. Yet, I understand that little girl’s strong desire to see the world, her wanderlust, because it has not left her since.


After living in five different cities within the United States, Mexico, and Germany, I now reside in New York City. Considering my cultural background, the US and Mexico feel like home. But abroad, in Germany, as an expat, that was a different story. During this simultaneously adventurous and soul-crushing experience (because married life was not the bliss I expected) of living in Germany, I learned travel became an escape from my reality and a happy place for me.


Today, after exploring 25 cultures (100+ cities) rich in history and with beautiful stories, I see the impact travel has on how I view life, myself, and my ability to be resourceful and adaptable to challenge and change. To an extent, each travel experience changes my brain chemistry every time. So why not relive it by sharing my story with you? The story of my life— the good part at least, because we all have one.

Neuschwanstein Castle
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